Pure™ EMU OIL 
- A Moisturizing & Healing Phenomenon™
 - A Moisturizing and Healing Phenomenon™


Pure™ Emu Oil is gentle skin care for all skin types, non-toxic & natural, non-comedogenic (does not clog pores) and hypo-allergenic (non-irritating) so its great for people with sensitive skin and allergies. You've probably heard about the positive benefits that emu oil gives to the skin. It has the power to reverse the aging process, reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and provide plenty of essential moisture to the skin. Those are all great properties, but believe it or not, there is a product that is better than just plain emu oil out there. NO SERIOUSLY! Using a brand new technology called eClarified™, our unique process extracts the HEALING PROPERTIES from emu oil with very little waste. In fact, over 99.99% of the remaining healing properties are extracted!

What are you getting in your emu oil product? It might be the leftovers, or some of the potency just may not be there. Sure, it works, but it doesn't work as effectively as it should. Well, Pure™ Emu Oil extracted using the eClarified™ refining method is SUPERIOR to plain emu oil. The unique, proprietary process increases the moisturizing properties by 100%, giving you twice the power of ordinary emu oil. Because of this, Pure™ Emu Oil is quite possibly the BEST type of emu oil you'll find on the market.

Olea Europaea is a highly expensive ingredient, and we put it in our Pure™ Beauty Products. Go ahead and look at other beauty products. What's typically the first ingredient listed? Water, in some way, shape, or form. We use Olea Europaea instead of water, and while it's more expensive to use, it also preserves the potency of the emu oil that water will invariably dilute away. Pure™ EMU OIL consists of the oils joined in a process known as eClarified™, a process of combining 100% EMU OIL and Olea Europaea with Glycine Soja (natural stabilizer) at a molecular level without adding any chemicals or water.

So, do you want an ordinary water-based emu oil product that works okay, or do you want an emu oil product that is 100% more beneficial using our unique process that not only preserves the inherent moisturizing properties, but increases their effectiveness by two-fold? The answer should be simple. The eClarified™ refinement process takes what makes emu oil great and makes it even better. Try our eClarified™ Triple Refined Pure™ Emu Oil, and when you see the remarkable results for yourself, you'll wonder why you hadn't tried it sooner.


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